Summer 2015 News

June 2015: Team Members Getting Work Done in Peru

During the month of June, CU Peru’s Chief Operating Officer Allison Maytag worked tirelessly on  installing a text message system in health posts on the Upper Napo River in order to increase communications between health facilities and the communities. She also, along with team member Lauren Oberle, visited the communities of Lago Yurac Yacu and Urco Miraño on the Lower Napo in mid-June to host advanced training sessions for community health workers. Next they headed back up the Upper Napo to the community Santa Clotilde where they shadowed doctors in the health center to gain a deeper insight into the region’s healthcare practices. Later they were joined by team members Annie Kiser, Kellie Webber and McKenzie Rieder who worked on exciting projects of their own including collaborating with DB Peru on women’s health issues, working with Centura Global Health in their rural Amazonian health clinic and hosting training sessions for upwards of 60 community health workers in the district of Mazán. We are so proud of all the hard work put in by the team members that went this summer!

July 2015: Posner Poverty Hack

CU Peru will be competing for a 10k grant at the Posner Center for International Development’s “Poverty Hack” from July 15-17,2015. Hosted in conjunction with the Biennial of the Americas, the Poverty Hack will have five teams of experts from around Colorado helping CU Peru create solutions to empower the community health agents we work with along the Upper Napo River in the Peruvian Amazon. Specifically, they will help us develop ways to facilitate telecommunication between health facilities and community health agents such that the entire Upper Napo health system is connected. The opening presentations on Wed July 15 are open to the public, followed by a networking happy hour from 7-10 PM. For more information and happy hour tickets, please visit the Posner Poverty Hack homepage. Hope to see you there!

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