Improving the health of COMMUNITIES by UNITINGhealth care workers
  • Health Worker Education

    Health Worker Education

    Improving health training at the first level of care. We target volunteer village healthcare “promotores”

  • Village Health Worker Training 2011

    Village Health Worker Training 2011

    Donations provide village health workers with the opportunity to attend a training and benefit their community - all at no cost to them

  • Health Worker Support

    Health Worker Support

    Thanks to your donation, every training attendee receives a Spanish edition of Hesperian's "Where There Is No Doctor"

  • Village Health Worker Training 2012

    Village Health Worker Training 2012

  • A Unique Opportunity

    A Unique Opportunity

    CU Peru brings village health workers together for 4 days of collaboration, education, and fun!

What We Do

Health Worker Education

We are dedicated to improving the health of residents in the isolated Loreto region through better health training at the first level of care. We target our education to the volunteer village healthcare “promotores,” augmenting the minimal training they receive from the government. Our education program consists of: Multiple day training workshops for “promotores” in central communities, held in partnership with…

Equipment and Resources

In order to effectively provide health services to their villages, community health workers need equipment such as stethoscopes, thermometers, blood pressure cuffs, and other supplies. Having such supplies not only expands the capacity of our health workers to provide direct medical care, but it also raises their status as community members with valuable services to provide, encouraging others to seek…


We believe in the importance of evaluating and validating the impact of our efforts. To that end, we will be undertaking a longitudinal research protocol to evaluate our efforts over the next five years.  We will be using surveys, community observation, interviews, and various other evaluation tools.   We are developing surveys, checklists, and other tools to track a variety…

Looking Ahead

We will continue to educate health promoters in delivering basic health services within their communities. Each year, we will develop new topics and continue to refine and improve our classes. As we continue to grow, we will look into expanding our impact by delivering more classes in a broader area. We also hope to be able to have more than…

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